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Picture the perfect aquatic predator: sixty feet long, weighing close to fifty tons, with double rows of razor sharp teeth as large as a man’s palm. Stealthily, it moves through the water, in search of its next meal. Though it may sound like the makings of a great horror novel, this is one case where the truth is deadlier than fiction. Roaming the seas 18 million years ago, Carcharodon/Carcharocles Megalodon was a natural born killing machine- taking on prehistoric fish and ancient whales with its massive bite.

Dwarfing today’s great white shark, the Megalodon was the largest water carnivore to have ever existed, as well as the largest shark known to have lived. Today, scientists, biologists, and shark aficionados remain fascinated by this behemoth creature and its role in marine evolution. Because as intriguing as Megalodon is, it’s also shrouded in mystery; after millions of years of water supremacy, this captivating killer suddenly went extinct about 1.5 million years ago.

Now is your chance to own a piece of history. Investment Fossils offers one of the largest selections of Megalodon and great white shark teeth available for public purchase. Our museum quality fossilized shark teeth are rare and delicate collector’s items- once available only to scientific institutions.

Our gem quality Megalodon teeth are beautiful enough to qualify as works of art; coming in such brilliant natural hues as deep purple, crimson red, and pale ice blue. But the real appeal of these historical bites is their rarity. Found in such varied-and sometimes exotic- locations as the deserts of Chile, the planes of Peru, and the May River in South Carolina, shark teeth of this magnitude are almost impossible to come by. Where an average great white tooth might be around two inches long, Megalodon teeth can reach lengths of over seven inches, and widths of over five. Any shark tooth collector will readily admit that a genuine Megalodon tooth is quite a catch, and ours are among the best on the market.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift idea for a marine biology or paleontology buff, or are simply seeking to add a bit of mystique and quality to your own growing collection, our fossils will be the focal point of any shark tooth display. Let our passion for perfection be your guide as you choose the piece of history that will surely become your favorite conversation piece for years to come. After all, an opportunity like this only comes around about once every million and a half years.

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